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Use JAVA to write a program with the following guidelines:

Background: Siri Airlines is a startup airlinethat offers thrilling rides in a vintage DC-3. It operates threefantasy flights, SA1212 from Norfolk International to Washington DCNational, flight SA1216 from Washington DC National to New YorkLaGuardia, and flight SA1299 from New York LaGuardia back toNorfolk International. The aircraft is configured for 3 rows offirst-class seats with 2 seats per row and 10 rows of premiumseating with 4 seats per row. They accept reservations up to twoweeks in advance and all tickets are one way only.


Your task is to write a program that allows a passenger to makea reservation and select a seat on one of the three availableflights and print the boarding pass. Required information for apassenger to make a reservation is the first and last name, streetaddress, city, state, and a valid telephone number. Available seatsare highlighted green in the seating chart while reserved/takenseats are marked in red. Upon successful seat selection, you are toassign a unique confirmation number. Passengers may choose toprintout their boarding pass at this time or later.

Passengers can change their flight and seating after the initialreservation with a valid confirmation # and last name.

The boarding pass must have the airlines name, flight number,day, passenger name, first class or premium seating, seat number,and confirmation number. Should a passenger choose to print theboarding pass later, confirmation # and last name must be requiredto access the reservation.

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