(Solved) : Use Python 27 Exercise Professor Hatzelklatzer Realized Although Program Written Bodymassi Q42732455 . . .

Use python 2.7 for this exercise.

Professor Hatzelklatzer has realized that although the programwritten in the BodyMassIndex assignment provides some usefullinformation on the effects of the BMI on the Hatzelklatzersyndrome, its output is quite difficult to process. To make theoutput easier to understand, the program should be adapted toanalyze a group of test subjects.
The program should read the input, determine the average BMI andcount the number of cases of the Hatzelklatzer syndrome amongstpeople with a lower than average BMI and amongst people with ahigher than average BMI. To this end, Professor Hatzelklatzer hasprovided you with the information of his diagnoses of all the testsubjects.

The input of the program now looks like this:
Dean Johnson M 1.78 83 Yes
Sophia Miller V 1.69 60 No

Just as in the previous BMI excercise, the input consists ofpeople with their name, sex, length and weight. In addition, theword “Yes” has been added if the person suffers from theHatzelklatzer syndrome, whilst “No” is added if the person did notsuffer from the Hatzelklatzer syndrome. Instead of only two people,the input now consists of an unknown number of people, who all needto be analyzed. The input file can be found on below (gender,heights etc. should be right on top of each other, it isn’t pastedvery good below, but you get the idea):
Michael Percival   M   1.80  65   Yes
Barbara Lerner V 1.54 67   No
Danny Coronado M   1.84 89   No
Diana Knox   V   1.69  58   Yes
Penney Rose   V   1.56  102   No
Jessica Richman   V   1.58  63   Yes
Jennifer Nolan   V   1.57  64   Yes
Corinna Swain   V   1.53  76   Yes
David Howard   M   1.68  87   Yes
Thomas Leighty   M   1.67  59   Yes
Billy Medrano   M   1.82  72   No
Debbie James   V   1.54  51   No
Michael Puig   M   1.82  79   No
Heidi Duquette   V   1.63  55   Yes
Chris McKinstry   M   1.90  102   No
Lorraine Weaver   V   1.56  71   Yes
Isela Evans   V   1.67  95   No
Lindsey Guinn   V   1.51  74   No
Charles King   M   1.62  92   No
Richard Collins   M   1.67  89   No
Nona Bailey   V   1.56  90   Yes
Randy Bowers   M   1.69  114   No
Dorothy Wilson   V   1.69  93   No
Micah Harvey   M   1.70  96   No
Shannon Turner   V   1.67  67   No
Nora Toler   V   1.57  82   Yes
Michael Vital   M   1.78  108   Yes
Kathleen Graham   V   1.62  60   No
Joshua Hooker   M   1.71  89   No
Robert Kent   M   1.70  14   Yes

The output should look like this:
The average BMI of the test subjects is x.
There are y cases of the syndrome amongst people with a BMI >=x.
There are z cases of the syndrome amongst people with a BMI <x.

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Answer to Use python 2.7 for this exercise. Professor Hatzelklatzer has realized that although the program written in the BodyMass…

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