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Using JAVA

not allowed to use algorithm constraints/<array lists>

Netflix Database

In this program, you will build a Netflix movie database usingthe provided file, netflix.csv. The file contains more than twohundred records of movies and TV programs, with each recordconsisting a title, a rating, a release year, and a user ratedscore.

There are three classes that you will need to implement: Movie,NetflixHandler, and NetflixApp.

Class: Movie


– title: String

– rating: String

– year: int

– score: int

+ Movie (String title, String rating, int year, int score)

+ getTitle(): String

+ getRating(): String

+ getYear(): int

+ getScore(): int

+ toString(): String

Instance variables:

  • title: Title of a movie or TV program.
  • rating: Rating of a movie or TV program. E.x.: R or PG-13
  • year: Year of release.
  • score: User rated score.


  • Movie (String title, String rating, int year, int score): Anoverloaded constructor.
  • Getters for all the instance variables.
  • toString(): It returns a string of information: title yearrating score

Class: NetflixHandler


– data: Movie[]

– actualSize: int

+ SIZE: int = 500

+ NetflixHandler ()

+ read (String filePath): void

+ displayAllMovies (): void

+ searchTitle (): void

+ searchYear (): void

+ sort (Movie[] movies, int size): void

+ makeRecommendations(): void

Instance variables and constants:

  • data: It is an array of Movie objects.
  • actualSize: It is the real number of Movie objects in apartially filled array.
  • SIZE: A constant that is set to be 500.


  • NetflixHandler (): The default constructor that initializes theinstance variable, data, to a Movie array that has a size of500.
  • read (): This method opens the given file, netflix.csv, andreads it. While reading the file line by line, it also creates aMovie object and saves it into data.
  • displayAllMovies (): This method loops through all the Movieobjects saved in data and display their information.
  • searchTitle (): This method looks for a movie that matches thetitle provided by a user.
  • searchYear (): This method looks for a group of movies thatmatch the release year given by a user.
  • sort (Movie[] movies, int size): This method sorts a givenMovie array, movies, using the provided size. It sorts the arrayinto a descending order based on the user rated score.
  • makeRecommendations (): This method makes recommendations to auser based on two options. Option one: It finds thetop-5 movies, based on the user rated score, undera certain rating. The method then writes those 5 movies into afile, “top_5_movies.txt”. Option two: It finds thetop-20 movies, based on the score only. The methodthen writes those 20 movies in to a file, “top_20_movies.txt”.

Class: NetflixApp

This is the main class. It has a private andstatic method, menu, which displays a menu that containsseveral choices (Please see the expected outcomes file for moredetails.). The main method should create a NetflixHandler objectand let it call the read method before taking any choices.


Welcome to the Netflix Database


                              1. Browse all movies.

                              2. Search a movie based ontitle.

                              3. Search movies based onyear.

                              4. Top moviesrecommendation.

                              5. Exit.


Please make your choice: 8

Please provide a valid input: 9

Please provide a valid input: 1

Title                                                                  Year        Rating   Score

WhiteChicks                                                           2004         PG-13      82

Grey’sAnatomy                                                         2016         TV-14      98

Prison Break                                                           2008         TV-14      98

How I Met YourMother                                                  2014         TV-PG      94

Supernatural                                                          2016         TV-14      95

BreakingBad                                                           2013         TV-MA      97


title rating release year user rating score
White Chicks PG-13 2004 82
Grey’s Anatomy TV-14 2016 98
Prison Break TV-14 2008 98
How I Met Your Mother TV-PG 2014 94
Supernatural TV-14 2016 95
Breaking Bad TV-MA 2013 97
The Vampire Diaries TV-14 2017 91
The Walking Dead TV-MA 2015 98
Pretty Little Liars TV-14 2016 96
Once Upon a Time TV-PG 2016 98
Sherlock TV-14 2016 95
Death Note TV-14 2006 77
Naruto TV-PG 2008 88
Arrow TV-14 2015 96
Black Mirror TV-MA 2016 80
The Originals TV-14 2016 74
Masha and the Bear TV-Y 2013 81

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