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Using Java

Emergency Room

Write a class Patient that identifies a patient in an emergencyroom. Each patient object has two

instance variables: a string representing their name, and anunsigned integer representing the

severity of their condition. The user interface should providethe following three options:

1) Add patient

2) Treat patient

3) Quit

When a patient is added, the user should be given a promptasking first for the patient’s name and

then for the severity of their condition. If the user entersanything other than a positive whole

number for the severity, you must prompt the user again. Afterthe user enters a patient name and

severity, you must re-display the initial prompt.

When a patient is treated, you must remove the patient with thehighest severity from the queue.

You must print “name of patient successfully treated!” and thenre-display the initial prompt. If

there are no patients in the queue when you try to treat apatient, you must print a message saying

“No patients remaining!” and re-display the initial prompt.

The program should exit when the user selects the quit option. Ishould not be able to cause your

program to crash simply by providing it with bad input. You maynot use the PriorityQueue

class from java.util for this — the point is to write your ownpriority queue.

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Answer to Using Java Emergency Room Write a class Patient that identifies a patient in an emergency room. Each patient object has …

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