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Using JAVA Objective: Create an Inventory Management System(IMS). The IMS will contain a catalog of items (stationery Items)that can be managed, viewed, and purchased. Components detail: TheInventory Management System (IMS) has two main components a)inventory management component b) inventory viewing and purchasingcomponent. Inventory Management Component The inventory managementcomponent should avail an admin user with the followingfunctionalities: 1. Ability to view, add, update, and delete itemsfrom the inventory. 2. (This could be a bonus functionality)Ability to login to the system as admin role. This is the only rolethat would require a user to login to the system. The system wouldjust have a predefined set of user name and password which allowthem to login as an admin. Inventory Viewing and PurchasingComponent The inventory viewing and purchasing component allows anyuser (no login necessary) to perform the following: 1. Search andview for items. Searching capabilities could be limit to the nameof the item or productId. 2. Purchase items. a. This action shouldask for the quantity. Warning, quantity validation would benecessary. b. It should also show the total cost of the purchase.The amount should be computed using items’ unit cost, quantity and7% sales tax. c. This action should also update the inventory toreduce it by the quantity that was purchased. How to Calculate theorder total Implementation Details Command line Menu: Main Menu: 1)Admin 2) User 3) Exit User could select an option from this list.If user select 1, it should display Admin Menu with the followingoptions: Admin Menu: 1) Add new item 2) Search and update item 3)Search and delete Implements these options for admin personnel. Inmain menu, if user select 2 from the Main Menu it should displayuser menu. User menu should contains the following options: UserMenu: 1) Search item 2) Place order (or purchase item) Implementthese options for user activities. Note: Make sure you implementthe project by following object-oriented design paradigm Populatethe initial inventory catalog: You have to read item data from afile and populate the initial catalog. Bonus Point: You could earnup to 50 points by adding additional features. How much point youradditional feature will get depends on its complexity andpracticality in the specified domain.

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