(Solved) : Using Mysql Commands Answer Questions Listed Using Premier Products Company Schema Using T Q42741173 . . .

A) Using MySQL commands answer the questions listed below usingthe Premier Products Company schema

  1. Using Triggers (5 pts.)
    1. Execute the following SQL to create the customer_audit table inthe premier schema.


customer_num CHAR(3) NOT NULL,

  customer_name VARCHAR(35)NOT NULL,

street VARCHAR(15),

city VARCHAR(15),

state CHAR(2),

zip CHAR(5),

credit_limit DECIMAL(8,2),

date_changed DATETIME NOT NULL,

changed_by VARCHAR(45) NOT NULL);

  1. Notice that the audit table does not have a primary keydefined. Explain why this might be acceptable.

  1. Based on the current attributes in the customer_audit table,suggest a possible primary key and explain why it might beunique.

  1. Create a trigger that will insert a record into thecustomer_audit table when the customer data is changed. Only inserta new record if the attributes that are being audited change. Theattributes being audited are those that exist in the customer_audittable. For example the customer.balance attribute is not beingaudited so if it is the only attribute that changes as part of thetransaction then we do not need to insert a new record into theaudit table. Provide the SQL used to create this trigger.

  1. Write an SQL update statement that will change a customer andcause an audit record to be created. Provide the SQL statement youexecuted for this.

  1. Write an SQL statement that will display what is in thecustomer_audit table. Provide the SQL used.

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