(Solved) : Value Pi Approximated Gregory Leibniz Series Summation Pi 4 1 1 3 1 5 1 7 1 9 Pi 4 4 3 4 Q42730274 . . .

The value of pi can be approximated with the Gregory-Leibnizseries summation: (pi/4)=1-(1/3)+(1/5)-(1/7)+(1/9)-… orpi=4-(4/3)+(4/5)-(4/7)+(4/9)-… The series converges very slowly.Calculate pi, using a midpoint break loop. Determine convergence bycomparing successive values of the summation as you add additionalterms until the difference between successive sums is less than0.001. Set the maximum number of iterations to 3000.

everytime ive seen an answer to this question it doesnt run,someone who can show me how to get this working please do.

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Answer to The value of pi can be approximated with the Gregory-Leibniz series summation: (pi/4)=1-(1/3)+(1/5)-(1/7)+(1/9)-… or p…

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