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Visual Basic help please – Class Statement : Create a WindowsForm application called Coffee Machine project that prepares a cupof coffee based on the resources such as water and ground coffee.Declare global const variable as integer intCAPACITY with a valueof 10. Implement CoffeeMachine class including all the classmembers: public: strName: the name of the type of coffee intmakeCups(int): coffee machine makes the number of cups of coffee.It invokes makeSingleCup() function to make single cup of coffeeFor example, you order 3 cups of coffee using the makeCups(3)function: – If not enough resources to the prepare the coffeeorder, then the order is rejected, return 0 at the end of thefunction, and display the following message. NOT ENOUGHRESOURCES!!! – If enough resources, the output the followingmessage. Ordered 3 cups of coffee (Decaf) of strength 1 executesmakeSingleCup() function multiple times to prepare ordered andreturn 1 at the end of the function. The strength is the number ofcoffee scoops.

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