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Visual Basic

Use the graphicspackages to create pictures of various flags in the world (4.5inches wide; 3 inches tall). This can pretty much follow theexample that I constructed using Greenland’s flag in the video.Each flag should appear upon the press of a button. When anotherflag is requested, the graphics window should be refreshed to makeit blank. If the coloring is slightly off or the sizing is slightlyoff, I don’t care (I want the general gist of the flag). Use theconstant value approach to make your code more readable (as I didin the lecture video).

Please submit theproject folder for this task as your submission.

Please make thefollowing flags:

  1. Bangladesh
  2. The Bahamas
  3. Iceland
  4. Estonia
  5. Israel
  6. Benin
  7. Guyana
  8. Tunisia

As a hint: rememberthat the order in which you draw objects sets the tone for how theywill appear in the window. Use that to guide you. This isparticularly important for flags like The Bahamas, Guyana, andTunisia. With Tunisia, you have a crescent shape. To get that, makeone circle (the color of the crescent “red”) and then make anothersmaller circle that has the same furthest extent in the properdirection with the color of the intended background (in this case,”white”).

I understand that youcould do this by acquiring an image and then inserting the image. Ido not want you to do that here. The hardest of these should beTunisia because it has the star.

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Answer to Visual Basic Use the graphics packages to create pictures of various flags in the world (4.5 inches wide; 3 inches tall)…

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