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In Week 5, you identified the education and trainingrequirements, job tasks, and other information about variouscareers of interest. Now, you will explore current career trends inyour desired industry and provide a brief summary of yourfindings.

Writing Prompt

Imagine you recently began working in IT, and the head of thedepartment Mr. Clark has asked you to do research to inform futuretechnology security products for the company. Your company recentlyfaced a security breach, and it is looking for new securityproducts to strengthen technology security.

He has asked you to write a detailed email that identifies thethree top security trends in the IT security industry. If he likesyour work on this initial research, he will ask you to write aposition paper on the most important issue related to these trends.He is hoping to use your research to prepare your department tolaunch a new strategic plan.

This is your first real task for your new job. You think youhave a sense of the industry but know you need to do more researchto be accurate in your analysis. The ability to spot trends in yourindustry is an important skill, and your boss wants to spend energyand capital on new growth areas, products, andservices.  

To begin your research, access your CareerQuest account andreview the available resources. Use Vault or any other onlineresource to conduct additional industry research.  

Your assignment is to produce a well-researched email in whichyou identify three trends in your industry and discuss each onebriefly.

Assignment Instructions

  • Compose a professional email (about 300 words) providing aresponse to the prompt above.

  • Use the career planning resources in CareerQuest and additionalindustry websites to research information to include in yourresponse.  

  • Demonstrate communication skills by effectively presenting theinformation in your response.

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