(Solved) : Working C Heapsort Assignment Need Min Order Heap Sort Giving Right Answer Need Insert Val Q42763575 . . .

I am working on my C++ Heapsort assignment. We need to do aMIN-ORDER heap sort. This is what I have,but its not giving me the right answer. Again INEED to INSERT a value.

// C++ program to insert new element toHeap

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

#define MAX 1000

// Function to heapify ith node in a Heap
// of size n following a Bottom-up approach

void heapify(int arr[], int n, int i)
   // Find parent
   int parent = (i – 1) / 2;

   if (arr[parent] > 0)
       if (arr[i] < arr[parent]){

           //Recursively heapify the parent node
           heapify(arr, n,parent);

// Function to insert a new node to the Heap
void insertNode(int arr[], int& n, int Key)
   // Increase the size of Heap by 1
   n = n + 1;

   // Insert the element at end of Heap
   arr[n – 1] = Key;

   // Heapify the new node following a
   // Bottom-up approach
   heapify(arr, n, n – 1);

// A utility function to print array of size n
void printArray(int arr[], int n)
   for (int i = 0; i < n; ++i)
       cout << arr[i] << “”;

   cout << “n”;

int main()

   int arr[MAX] = { 10, 5, 3, 2};

   int n = 4;

   int key = 1;

   printArray(arr, n);

   insertNode(arr, n, key);

   printArray(arr, n);

   return 0;

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Answer to I am working on my C++ Heapsort assignment. We need to do a MIN-ORDER heap sort. This is what I have, but its not giving…

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