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Write a C++ car rental system program that have fourclasses such as rental company, Vehicle, customer, and rentalcontract class. class Vehicle have Car and truck sub classes.Theuser will provide customer information, car model, color. In rentalcontract the user has to give starting date of rent, ending date ofrent.The rent amount will be calculated by the rate on basis oftype of model he/she going to take on rent and days on rent. Theprogram must include the following:
1. Pointer must be used through the application; especially whenreferencing class object
2. Class functionalities that require Operator Overloading must bedefined and implemented
3. Use of a loop on your choice
5. Use of decision structure for data validation
6. Your application must be driven by data in a data file. this canbe store session data and/or supply sample data to theprogram.
7. Use of at least one dynamic allocated array
8. Definition of an enumerator
9. Declaring, initializing and use of an enumerator variable.
10. Definition of an structure
11. dDeclaring, initializing and use of a structure variable

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