(Solved) : Write Code Following Given Method Transforms Image Original Image Args 0 1536 Rows X 1819 Q42731589 . . .

Write the code for the following given method that transforms animage. The original image (args[0]) has 1536 rows x 1819 columns.The collage resulting from the constructor on the left has 400 rowsby 400 columns.

ArtCollage art = new ArtCollage(args[0]);art.showCollagePicture();


Here are the given codes:

import java.awt.Color;

public class ArtCollage {

// The orginal picture
private Picture original;

// The collage picture
private Picture collage;

// The collage Picture consists of collageDimension XcollageDimension tiles
private int collageDimension;

// A tile consists of tileDimension X tileDimension pixels
private int tileDimension;

   * One-argument Constructor
   * 1. set default values of collageDimension to 4 andtileDimension to 100
   * 2. initializes original with the filenameimage
   * 3. initializes collage as a Picture oftileDimension*collageDimension xtileDimension*collageDimension,
   * where each pixel is black (see all constructors forthe Picture class).
   * 4. update collage to be a scaled version of original(see scaling filter on Week 9 slides)
   * @param filename the image filename
public ArtCollage (String filename) {


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Answer to Write the code for the following given method that transforms an image. The original image (args[0]) has 1536 rows x 181…

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