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Write a function that queries the user about the truthof a statement and then uses the user’s answers to distinguishbetween facts, falsehoods, alternative facts, and other categoriesof information. The term “alternative facts” wasintroduced early in 2017 by President Trump’s advisor KellyanneConway to characterize false statements that they would like thepublic to believe to be true. This was in response to some membersof the press pointing out that some of President Trump’s statementscould be easily shown to be false and it was odd that he insistedthey were true nonetheless. In addition to its political import,the concept of “alternative facts” raises some interestingquestions for logic. A description of the proposed programfollows:

  1. Ask the user to choose a statement for evaluation
  2. Ask the user to answer 2 questions about that statement:
    1. Is the statement is True, False or Unknown according to expertsin the relevant domain or according to some objective set offacts?
    2. Is the statement True, False or Unknown according to DonaldTrump?
  3. Your program should then classify the statements according tothe following table using if/elif/else statements or combinationsof these.
    Truth Table with Alternative Facts
    Classification Expert Donald
    True True True
    False False False
    Unknown Unknown Unknown
    Alternative Fact False or Unknown True
    Alternative Falsehood True or Unknown False
    Alternative Unknown True or False Unknown

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