(Solved) : Write Function Summaxes Return Sum Max Numbers Row Matrix M Ex M 10 1 2 5 4 3 5 2 3 2 20 1 Q42694265 . . .

  1. Write function sumMaxes that willreturn the sum of the max numbers of each row ofmatrix m. Ex: if m = [[10,1,2,5],[4,3,5,2],[-3,2,-20,1]] then themaximum numbers for the rows are 10,5 and 2, and they sum to 17,which is returned. Assume m is a valid matrix. Hint: consider usinga helper function.     

   def sumMaxes(m):

Using python : PLEASE do not use anybilt-in functions included(sum , max …etc)

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Answer to Write function sumMaxes that will return the sum of the max numbers of each row of matrix m. Ex: if m = [[10,1,2,5],[4,…

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