(Solved) : Write Priorityqueue Class Implemented Atop Given Heap Structure Template Typename Comparab Q42695124 . . .

Write a PriorityQueue class, which is implemented atop a givenheap structure.

template< typename Comparable,class Container >

class PriorityQueue {


     Container t;


      voidpush(const Comparable & x);

      voidpop(); ;

      constComparable& top();


      voidclear(); ;




  • Implement a Ticket class with the following attributes. Itshould also implement comparison operators.
  • ID
  • Priority – 1 to 10
  • Description
  • Status – {New, In Progress}
  • Create an instance of PriorityQueue in main with Ticket ascomparable and BinaryHeap

      as a container.

PriorityQueue<Ticket,BinaryHeap<Ticket>> pq;

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Answer to Write a PriorityQueue class, which is implemented atop a given heap structure. template< typename Comparable, class Cont...

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