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Write a program with C++ to simulate a casino slot machine. Theslot machine will accept bets for the following amounts: $1, $5,$10, $20, $50, $100 and $1,000.The program will operate by havingthe slot machine select a random number (the winning number) at thestart of the day and/or after the slot machine pays out a winner.Each time the player pulls the slot handle, he/she will generate arandom number. If the player’s number is the same as the winningnumber, the player will win all or a percentage of the jackpot asillustrated in the payoff table

BCAT Payoff Table

Bet Amount

Payoff (Greater of the two amounts)


.01% of jackpot or $100


.05% of jackpot or $500


1% of jackpot or $1000


2% of jackpot or $2000


5% of jackpot or $5000


10% of jackpot or $10,000


Total jackpot or $100,000


  • The jackpot starts the day with $10,000 and grows by the amountwagered by the player after each turn (For example, if the jackpotis $20,000 and the players bets $100, the new jackpot will be$20,100.
  • The slot will hit (meaning the player wins) 1% of thetime.
  • There are three random number generators: the winning numberfor the slot machine, the

player’s number and one to determine the wager.

  • The amount of money wagered during each play is randomlyselected. The amount of money wagered must be one of the following:$1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, and $1000. Hint. Use an arraystore the 7 different bet amounts.
  • The simulation will operate for 24 hours straight with the slotmachine being played once a minute. This means the slot machinewill be played 1,440 times in 24 hours. Use a loop to simulate aplayer pulling the slot handle.


Amount Won – The amount of money won by the player. Bet Amount –The amount of money wagered by the player

Jackpot – The total money in the jackpot eligible to be won bythe player

Winning Number – The random number that represents the numberneeded to win

Player’s Number – The random number that is compared to thewinning number to determine if the player wins.

Pulling the Slot Handle – the act of getting a new random numberthat becomes the player’s number

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Documented C code that compiles and executes withouterrors.
  • C file and output file submitted to Blackboard without zippingfiles.
  • The program will terminate after the simulated 24 hours iscomplete and all output is written to a text file. The requiredoutput is stated below.
  • Every time the slot handle is pulled, the following informationis outputted (to a file):
    • Amount of the jackpot
    • Amount of the current bet
    • The winning number
    • The players number
  • In addition to the information listed above, the followinginformation should be displayed when a player wins:
    • The amount of money won by the player
  • At the end of the 24 hours, the following information isoutputted:
  • The amount of money the casino will make/lose because of theslot machine.
  • The amount of money made by the slot machine equals the amountof money entered by the player over the 24 hour period – amount ofmoney paid out by the slot

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