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You are to write a program that converts a Fahrenheittemperature to Celsius.

You will write a function to accept user input of a Fahrenheittemperature. It should be data type double.

DATA INPUT VALIDATION: Do NOT accept a value higher than 125 nora value lower than -55.

Your function should return this value (Fahrenheit temperatureto your main() function.

Now that the main function has input from the user (theFahrenheit Temperature), main should call the Conversion functionto convert the Fahrenheit temp to Celsius. To do this do thefollowing:

In main function call the conversion function by passing to itthe Fahrenheit value.

In the conversion function, convert the Fahrenheit temperatureto Celsius. Here is the formula:

C = 5/9 (F – 32) .

Once you have done the conversion, return the Celsius value backto main().

Back in main() function, call your output function, and pass itboth the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures.   Theoutput function should display them and then return control back tomain(). Use 1 digit of precision to right of decimal point.

Back in main(), ask user if they wish to convert anothertemperature.   If user does, start process all overagain.

Function prototypes should be similar to the ones shownbelow:

double getfahrenheit();

double converttocelsius(double);

void displaytable(double,double);

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