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Write this program in Java (Eclipse-IDE)Write a program to process a list of test scores asfollows:1. Create an array to store 10 integer test scores.2. Call a method to populate your array with random valuesbetween 30 and 100 inclusive. This method should create the randomnumber object.3. Call a method to display all the values in the array on asingle line with at least 3 spaces between adjacent values.4. Call a method to calculate the average of the test scoresas a double. Also, the lowest score should be dropped whendetermining the average. Store the average from this method in avariable named average.5. Call a method to calculate the letter grade using theaverage you calculated in step 4. Store the letter grade in avariable named letterGrade. The average should be the onlyparameter to this method.Use the following marking scheme to determine the lettergrade. 90-100 A80-89 B70-79 C60-69 D0-59 FDisplay the average and the letter grade with appropriate textlabelsoutput

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Answer to Write this program in Java (Eclipse-IDE)Write a program to process a list of test scores as follows:1. Create an array t…

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