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Write a program that reads in a file with FASTA sequences andoutputs the restriction enzymes that will cut each sequence, andtheir cut positions within the sequence. The file (SeqLibrary.txt)is attached and contains a number of sequences. For every sequenceprint out a table that displays the enzyme names and their cutsites.

Use the entire REBASE restriction site data from the Staden file(found at http://rebase.neb.com/rebase/link_staden — Alsoattached, called staden_link.txt), use a dictionary to store allthe data.
So basically what you’ll have to do is modify the code you did inthe discussions to read in the enzymes and their cut sites in thisnew format. Once you have done that, you’ll need to write afunction that takes as an argument a DNA sequence and therestriction enzyme dictionary. That function will then find all thecut sites (for all the enzymes in the Staden file) for a givensequence in the file. Only print out the enzymes that will cut thesequence.
Print out the table to a file, it should look something like this(just for illustrative purposes, not the actual results you willget):
Seq 1 Results
Enzyme Name Cut positions

EcoR1         30, 45, 65

ARGII          12,18, 89
Seq 2 … et al.

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