(Solved) : Write Program Requests User Enter Hours Worked Week Hourly Wage Program Print Gross Pay Ta Q42703054 . . .

Write a program thatrequests the user to enter hours worked in a week and the hourlywage. The program should then print the gross pay, the taxes, andthe net pay. Assume the follow

This program shouldcalculate the fare for a cab ride based on the rates providedbelow. Ask user to input distance (measured to 1/10 of mile),number of passengers, and if going to/coming from the airport.Calculate fare for trip using these rates:

  1. Minimum fare: $5.00 (faresless than this rounded up to $5.00).
  2. $1.80 per mile (charged by1/10 of mile. 2.1 miles = $3.78).
  3. 1st additional passenger, ifmore than 1 rider: $1.00.
  4. Each additional passenger(after 1st additional passenger): $0.50.
  5. Airport surcharge: $2.00.

   in C language

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Answer to Write a program that requests the user to enter hours worked in a week and the hourly wage. The program should then prin…

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