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Write a proper driver code (main method) and add printstatements that trace the progress of method sort (below) bydisplaying the array table after each “merge” operation. Alsodisplay the arrays referenced by leftTable and rightTable.

/** Implements the recursive merge sort algorithm. In thisversion, copies
of the subtables are made, sorted, and then merged.
public class MergeSort {
/** Sort the array using the merge sort algorithm.
pre: table contains Comparable objects.
post: table is sorted.
@param table The array to be sorted
   public static void main(String[] args)
public static <T extends Comparable<T>> void sort(T[]table) {
// A table with one element is sorted already.
if (table.length > 1) {
// Split table into halves.
int halfSize = table.length / 2;
T[] leftTable = (E[]) new Comparable[halfSize];
T[] rightTable = (E[]) new Comparable[table.length -halfSize];
System.arraycopy(table, 0, leftTable, 0, halfSize);
System.arraycopy(table, halfSize, rightTable, 0,
table.length – halfSize);
// Sort the halves.
// Merge the halves.
merge(table, leftTable, rightTable);
/** Merge two sequences.
@pre leftSequence and rightSequence are sorted.
@post outputSequence is the merged result and is sorted.
@param outputSequence The destination
@param leftSequence The left input
@param rightSequence The right input
private static <T extends Comparable<T>> void merge(T[]outputSequence,
T[] leftSequence,
T[] rightSequence) {
int i = 0;
// Index into the left input sequence.
int j = 0;
// Index into the right input sequence.
int k = 0;
// Index into the output sequence.
// While there is data in both input sequences
while (i < leftSequence.length && j <rightSequence.length) {
// Find the smaller and
// insert it into the output sequence.
if (leftSequence[i].compareTo(rightSequence[j]) < 0) {
outputSequence[k++] = leftSequence[i++];
} else {
outputSequence[k++] = rightSequence[j++];
// assert: one of the sequences has more items to copy.
// Copy remaining input from left sequence into the output.
while (i < leftSequence.length) {
outputSequence[k++] = leftSequence[i++];
// Copy remaining input from right sequence into output.
while (j < rightSequence.length) {
outputSequence[k++] = rightSequence[j++];

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