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Write and submit a program that uses the US Census geocoding API(Links to an external site.) (access link for a full description ofthe API) to retrieve the location (latitude and longitude) of theU.S. White House (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC) andthat of your local residence, and compute the approximate distance,in miles, between the two locations.

Your program can hard code the address for the White House butshould ask for your address in the U.S. including street, city andstate, and should report out its results in a sentence such as:

           The distance between my home and the White house is about 862miles.

Please round the distance to the nearest mile.

See http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/gis-faq-5.1.html(Links to an external site.) for recommendations regarding the useof flat earth or great circle computations, but remember that youare looking for distances between entities represented by a smalllocation point (latitude and longitude) in the US so flat earthcalculations will be acceptable.

You can check your solution againsthttp://www.distance-cities.com/ (Links to an external site.) whichallows you to enter any two cities to see the distance.

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