(Solved) : Wrote Function First Applied Circaesarvowelstr String Shift Def Circaesarvowel Char Shift Q42677341 . . .

If we wrote a function which first appliedcirCaesarVowel_Str(String,Shift)

”’def cirCaesarVowel(Char, Shift):
lower_vowels = “aeiou”
upper_vowels = “AEIOU”
if Char in lower_vowels:
pos = (lower_vowels.find(Char)+Shift)%5
return lower_vowels[pos]
elif Char in upper_vowels:
pos = (upper_vowels.find(Char)+Shift)%5
return upper_vowels[pos]
return Char

def cirCaesarVowel_Str(String, Shift):
result = “”
for ch in String:
result += cirCaesarVowel(ch, Shift)
return result”’

and then applied caesar_str(String,Shift):

from string import ascii_lowercase as lc
from string import ascii_uppercase as uc

def caesar(Ltr,shift):
”’Returns shifted ltr, rolling to beginning of alphabet
if necessary. Only encodes lc or uc letters.”’
if Ltr in lc:
ndx = lc.find(Ltr)
shifted_ndx = (ndx + shift) % 26
return lc[shifted_ndx]
elif Ltr in uc:
ndx = uc.find(Ltr)
shifted_ndx = (ndx + shift) % 26
return uc[shifted_ndx]
return Ltr

def caesar_Str(Str,shift):

”’Returns a string, Str, encoding only the letters.”’
cypher = ”
for Ltr in Str:
cypher += caesar(Ltr,shift)
return cypher

The question is: Will the new function produce the same outputfor any String and any Shift?

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Answer to If we wrote a function which first applied cirCaesarVowel_Str(String,Shift) ”’def cirCaesarVowel(Char, Shift): lower_vo…

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