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Our mission is to empower students to do more with their education. We do this in a unique way by providing educators with a better way of discovering, creating, and selling their course materials. ProjectsLawn gives students a collaborative reading platform that can be accessed from any device, improving study behaviors and organizing course materials right on the cloud. We’ve harnessed our sense of wonder to build a platform that fits the needs of every student to open uncharted possibilities. 

We launched the ProjectsLwn peer-to-peer learning marketplace in 2014. When we were in school, we found that success in the classroom can be a pretty ambiguous thing. Every class has hundreds of hours of lectures and dozens of readings. Come midterm time, most students are overwhelmed and really have no idea what they should be studying for. But without fail, there are always a few top students in the class who know exactly what it takes to be successful. We decided those top students can help their peers, and make money, by posting their best study materials to ProjectsLwn.

At the end of the day, learning from your peers is the best way to learn, because after all, who understands your questions better than someone else in the class?

Join us on our journey to connect students around the world and create a better learning experience for all!


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